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Missing you...  / Stephanie Guillory (Friend)  Read >>
Missing you...  / Stephanie Guillory (Friend)
I haven't been on this site lately but that doesn't mean I don't think of you every day dear friend. I miss you ever so much. I'm married now for two years to a wonderful man. Our daughter will be 2 at the end of Oktober. How I wish I could share this happy life with you.

I recently signed up for the St Baldrick's charity. I'll be raising money for children with cancer and to help research cures. At the end of the fund raiser I will be getting my hair buzzed off. I will be doing all this in memory of you.

I don't really know what else to say except I love you and miss you always. <3 Close
i miss u my friend  / Denise Naugle (bffl@d)  Read >>
i miss u my friend  / Denise Naugle (bffl@d)
to the 1 who showd me the way the 1 who showd me what true friendship is i never thaught id hav some1 close untill the day i met u u were like an angel with a light of glow on ur orra never got 2 say goodby ....and its terrin me apart inside dayly i think of u wishin it was me instead of u if i could without 1 single thaught id gladly trade my life 4 u 2 hav urs back Close
.... / Linda Cameron (HS Classmate )  Read >>
.... / Linda Cameron (HS Classmate )
Like Laken I was a classmate of Caitlin. I'm so sorry to be hearing about this so many years after.  My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.  She was so nice bright and very artistic and that's how she'll be remembered by me. Close
I'm so Sorry it has take me so long to find you!!  / Laken Selip (an Old Friend )  Read >>
I'm so Sorry it has take me so long to find you!!  / Laken Selip (an Old Friend )

 I don’t know if you remember me But my name is Laken Selip and I was in school with Caitlin. I was also one of the girls that brought over an Easter Basket to her house with along with another girl Nichole Mc Closkey when she was first diagnosed.
In the 8th grade she wrote me a note wanting to know how to be liked and “popular” as she called it. I simply told her “ be your self!” and that is just what she did! she also came to my house once when I had a group of friends over we had an awesome day that day.

I was in gym with her the day she passed out for the first time. I know I’m just rambling on but I’m in such shock. I had no idea that she passed away!.... I just graduated from IUP so I was away for 4 years just coming back to Lilly on some weekends holidays and summers. Everytime I got together with some of my friends from class of 2004 we had always thought about how she was or what she was up to.

This evening I was going through some things from highschool and middle school and I came across a note that stated.. Caitlin Meies E-mail- K8yluvzNsync@Aol so I decided to look her up.. and this page is what I found. I am so sorry!... I had no idea because if I would have! I would have had been right there!... I am sobbing as I write this letter so please look over any grammar or spelling mistakes!..I knew how much she loved reading and writing!

I’f you would please fill me in ! I would really like some closure… I have never stopped thinking about here… and I’m always makes comments to others in our class if they know how she is and no one did!... again I am so sorry… You had such a wonder bright artistic daughter!.. Please fill me in! I just hope she went peaceful!... and Now I can start praying to another angel!

thank you for sharing  / Carol From BI   Read >>
thank you for sharing  / Carol From BI
thank you for sharing your beautiful were blessed with this wonderful child and the strength she showed is awesome!  I am so very sorry for your loss.  Your poems are so very beautiful.  Mei the memories of your sweet Caitie carry you through the days and help you through the nights.  We lost our only son Mike to brain cancer on Oct 14 2006.  We know the pain you feel and the scars on your heart.    Carol J. Close
your strength is amazing  / Dee Conmy (post on Beyond Indigo )  Read >>
your strength is amazing  / Dee Conmy (post on Beyond Indigo )
To Cait's family your daughter is the strongest little fighter ever and because of her fight you are here standing where sh cannot. The poetry is gorgeous as well as the artwork. Your Cait is an inspiration so blessings to you all. My Girl Erica died in 2003 at the same age of 19. NOthing compares to the loss of our Babies.
Peace in our time
dee Close
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