Caitlin Mayes
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Sorry for your loss  / Christina (  Read >>
Sorry for your loss  / Christina (
A brave heart...  / Renata   Read >>
A brave heart...  / Renata
Annie, it is good to know you are healing. Cait's life and bravery will remain a tribute to her and her parents. Even though I did not know her in real life, you captured her soul for us in your words, and she left an indelible impression upon me. She leaves a legacy of love and courage that is outstanding, as do you, her parents. {{{{{{{}}}}}} Close
From a Soapboxer to {{{Annie}}}  / Teach (eBay Soapboxer )  Read >>
From a Soapboxer to {{{Annie}}}  / Teach (eBay Soapboxer )
Annie, Just a thank-you for sharing your beautiful daughter with us. She will be in our hearts always. Close
Forever Missed  / Ashley Georges (Friend of Brother )  Read >>
Forever Missed  / Ashley Georges (Friend of Brother )
They say that love is forever and they say that nothing will break us, but here is one young girl who will always be loved by her family, friends and by strangers whom have been touched by the story of her struggle as well as her family's as they have never broke when it came to their hope, love, peace, and joy for having their loved one with them for as long as they did. I know that most people say that it is unfair for her to have left us so early in life, but she had a wondeful life although the last 5 years were of pain she was able to show others how she was able to stride and succeed in life. With this I wish the family of Caitlin Mayes a better future and the prayers of everyone to help them thro the hard and rough times ahead. I know it will not be easy. Close
For Cait  / Janet Edwards (A friend from afar, through Annie )  Read >>
For Cait  / Janet Edwards (A friend from afar, through Annie )
Hi Caitie!  Your mom sure misses you a lot!  I'm so sorry you had to go through so much pain, but now the pain is over at last... Now you can smile and laugh and run...
The world is unfair to many, and you were one of the victims of it, but now you're a winner!  Now, you are above it all where there isn't any more pain or treatments to go through... Now you can fly, Caitie!!  Fly with the dragonflies and butterflies!!  Kiss Mom's cheek with your breath on occassion... let her feel your nearness.  Let her know it's ok now....
I only knew you through your mom, but I feel I know you personally.  The two of you fought a hard battle together...but no more.  Your mom is still fighting the inner pain of losing your physical presence, but...kiss her cheek with a butterfly wing.  Her love and your love will keep you both together forever, no matter what separates you!  I was pleased to be able to see you in your formal gown!  You were beautiful!  Creamy smooth skin, bright eyes, a happy smile... I'll never forget you!  I lost my son, but his love still lives with me... 
With love from a friend,
Janet Close
Beautiful Spirit  / TJ (Soapboxer)  Read >>
Beautiful Spirit  / TJ (Soapboxer)
Caitlin had a beautiful spirit. The smile on her face, in each of the pictures I was honored to see, warmed my heart. I didn't "know" her, but the stories you shared of her, Annie, drew me in and made me feel as though I knew her. I imagined Cait, on a crisp winter morning, seeing the beauty in the freshly fallen snow, as the sun glistened upon beams of light shining for the world to see. The tracks that the little bunny had made in the snow, reminded me of the wonders that life has to offer each and every one of us. Cait has a special place in my heart, that I will always carry with me. May her beautiful spirit shine through you and your family, Annie. You were truly blessed, to have such a wonderful daughter. Close
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