Caitlin Mayes
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Dear Friend...  / Stephanie Lacovitch (Friend)  Read >>
Dear Friend...  / Stephanie Lacovitch (Friend)
It's been a while but I haven't forgotten you. Things are hectic here. I lost your page for awhile, my computer went on the fritz.

I found out I'm pregnant and am so sad you can't be here for it... I know you'd have loved my little baby as much I am... watch over my little angel baby in heaven, and keep this one in mind.

I will love you and miss you always,
Stephanie <3 Close
Memories... / Tiffany Fenner (Wifey)  Read >>
Memories... / Tiffany Fenner (Wifey)

I was going through old folders tonight, and came across some of our old conversations from 2004. You know what I'm talking about ... of squirrels, Gollum, and soup-er heroes. It's almost crazy how I know every word of them by heart and yet I still read them as if they are new and laugh as much as I did when we first said those things. I find myself sitting in my room with a hand over my mouth trying to keep from laughing because it's 2am in the morning. I really have never laughed harder from anything anyone else has said since you have gone, but I am so thankful for the laughter and the good times and those crazy memories you provided me with while you were here, and I cherish them still. I'll always remember when all we had was someone to be crazy with, when you were my wifey, and we'd have those crazy hopes of Vegas and sheep. I miss the laughter you brought to my life, the way I always knew I had one person who got me completely, no matter what. You gave me a friendship and a hope that no one else has ever provided me with and I love you for it.

I miss you so much but I know that we'll share those laughs again someday, and you'll be beside of me quoting all those dumb lines right along with me, and they'll still be as funny as they were when they were new.

My Condolences  / Todd Burroughs (Friend of a friend )  Read >>
My Condolences  / Todd Burroughs (Friend of a friend )

To the family of Caitlin,

My heart breaks for your loss.  In honor of Caitlin, and as a member of a "Team in Training" for a Leukemia and Lymphoma Society marathon fundraiser, I am going to be adding Caitlin's name to my runner's number bib.  By doing so, I will carry with me her memory and her drive to keep fighting to the finish line.  One day we will beat this and Caitlin will smile down on us for never having given up.

God bless you all.


Hoping this will help you to not be so sad.  / Connie Cauchon (none)  Read >>
Hoping this will help you to not be so sad.  / Connie Cauchon (none)
I saw your site on Sinjin's and had to write.  Like the song says "I hope you have the time of your life."  God Bless your family and take care all. She is with the Lord and they are having a good time always. No more bad things and no more waiting to get better. She is as good as it gets.  When I lost my baby brother to Non-Hodgekins in 2006 at the age of 42 I thought it was the end. I was wrong because he is always with me. I find pennies everywhere I go and think of him. He is in my heart and soul and dreams.  He came to me in a dream after his memorial service. He always loved to fish and we were camping. He had caught some trout and was cooking them in a pan.  After we had eaten he looked at me and said, "Watch this and you will know it will be alright."  He then took the bones of the fish and threw them back into the water. They became fish again and swam away.  This has given me the will and strength to go on. He is whole and free again. And so is she. I will keep you in my prayers always. God Bless. Close
Remembering you  / Sinjin Andrukates (cancer warrior's )  Read >>
Remembering you  / Sinjin Andrukates (cancer warrior's )
                       I wanted to share this with you

                         I dropped a tear in the ocean.
                                 When they find it; 
                       that's when I'll stop remembering you. 

                           Seeing death as the end of life
                is like seeing the horizon as the end of the ocean 

My name is Sinjin and I am 13 years old and have been at war with cancer for 8 months. I hate cancer and I am sorry your daughter is not here on earth with you. cancer takes to many lives.
                                                                  With hope Sinjin
In Memory  / Stephanie Lacovitch (Best Friend )  Read >>
In Memory  / Stephanie Lacovitch (Best Friend )
Words can not describe how much I miss you my dear sweet Cait... How many tears for you I have shed... How many nights I lay awake wondering just how everything could have been... I met you at a terrible time in my life, but how quickly we became best friends! Without you I could not have survived, without you I could not have continued... I could not tell you how much I loved you, though now I wish I had... When you moved away I was a wreck, worrying and missing you. I was devistated when I finally got in contact with Tristan... I suppose my hopes were set so high as to talk to you once more... Never will I be able to get over you, never can I forget you... You will always be the true love in my life, my first and only keeper of my heart... I hope you rest well in heaven my dearest and truest friend... Close
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